Where we have surveyed so far

165 trees surveyed!

Beautiful old oak - Harvest Hill
Beautiful old oak

Trees surveyed can be found on this map. Click on a tree to see further survey details:

These are the roads/areas we have done so far:

Hogoak Lane (partially)
Ashridge Lane
Nuptown Lane

Memorial Field on Forest Road
Newell Green
Quelm Lane
Avery Lane
Watersplash Lane
Long Copse

Cricketers Lane
Forest Road/Hayley Green/Malt Hill corner
Path from Forest Road to Chavey Down (the Cut)

Malt Hill
Path opposite St Michael’s Church in Church Lane
Westhatch Lane
South end of Wellers Lane (near Frost Folly)
Hazelwood Lane
Hazelwood Copse

Hayley Green Wood
Westmorland Park
Julius Hill/The Chestnuts
Cedar on Shakespeare Way (now Sadly felled)
Edmunds Lane
Edmunds Green
Warfield Park (partially)
Walsh Avenue
Harvest Hill (behind Rachel’s Lake)