As well as organising occasional bird and bat walks, and BFC ranger-led walks to explore the highways and byways of rural Warfield, WEG has been involved in the Ancient Tree Hunt. The Ancient Tree Hunt is a Woodland Trust project to map ancient, veteran and notable trees across the country, so that the Trust knows where they are and is better-able to ensure they are well cared for. WEG’s Ancient Tree Hunts involved a pleasant ramble interspersed with stops to hug (!) and measure trees. More information can be found here – see if you can spot the trees we found on the interactive map!

WEG also hosts occasional talks on topics of local interest. We have previously held talks on woodland management, local wildlife, renewable energy, and the Central Berkshire Waste Project (re3).

The Warfield Fete is held in June each year, and WEG runs a stall there in order to raise its profile within the community. In recent years our friends from the Campaign for Real Events have attended with us, bringing along their pedal generators which are made largely from recycled materials. The pedal generators have proved extremely popular with the younger visitors to the Fete, driving such devices as an iPod, a bubble machine, a keyboard and even an inflatable bin bag monster (see here for further details).

Visits – more details coming soon.